Action Stations is an exciting new way for you to experience the compelling history of the Royal Australian Navy (RAN).

Explore the danger and drama of military life at sea through a hi-tech and immersive journey that shows the inner workings of the Navy like never before.

This exhibition reinterprets and enlivens our much-loved ex-RAN vessels: HMAS Vampire (Daring class destroyer) HMAS Onslow (Oberon class submarine) and HMAS Advance (Attack class patrol boat).

A thrilling short film on a giant screen with exhilarating sound will transport you inside Vampire and Onslow during operations.

Experience the force and vastness of the ocean, the speed and power of the destroyer and the submerged stealth of the submarine.

Leave the cinema space excited to explore the actual vessels you have just seen depicted in dramatic action at sea.

Welcome to over 100 years of Navy vessels and Navy history.

This space features a huge interactive table with large touchscreens, highlighting a range of global political contexts from WWI to the present day, and illustrating how the RAN responds to Australia’s needs in a constantly changing world.

You can also learn more about the submarines AE2 and AE1, as well as maritime archaeology.