The exhibition Art & Craft shows works from the Mudam Collection that involve techniques of production linked to craft. Six artists revisit modes of expression belonging to the decorative arts and architecture, often playing, with humour and critical distance, with their historical weight. Even if ornament takes a central place in their work, it is not reduced to formal questions.

On the contrary, it encourages reflections on art and modernity as much as on our society. Grayson Perry has created an eccentric and very personal universe on pottery, whereas the tyres of Wim Delvoye straddle industrial modernity and the traditional crafts.

Conceptual artist Gaylen Gerber interrogates the unique authorship of the artist by inviting colleagues such as Michelle Grabner to participate in his work, while Vincent Ganivet connects his construction-kit-like works to different architectural traditions. Finally, Elmar Trenkwalder’s monumental ceramic sculpture evokes highly detailed Hindu temples that invite a closer look.