Jean Mich (Machtum (L), 1871 - Arcueil (F), 1932), a Luxembourg sculptor known today mainly for his exotic works, will be the subject of a historical exhibition due to open at the MNHA in October 2018.

The decorative bust of the Chinese chef Chi-Fan, produced in series, is undoubtedly the most widespread work of this artist to be found in private Luxembourg collections. In his day, however, Jean Mich - who had studied at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris - was one of the Grand Duchy's principal visual artists, representing Luxembourg several times at exhibitions abroad.

He moved to France around 1923 and was largely forgotten in the Grand Duchy after his death. In this exhibition, the MNHA will try to trace the course of this artist's life through many of his known works, historical documents and photographs.