The photography grant created for commemorating the photographer, professional writer and photography teacher József Pécsi (1889–1956), was founded by the Ministry of Culture and Education in 1991. Its purpose is to help to start the career, creative work, and development of talented photographers working as independent artists, and to provide them with favorable conditions for the creation of high-quality artworks which are modern both in terms of form and content. The series exhibited this year also attest to that the grant recipients have created quality works by employing the diverse possibilities of photography.

On the 25th anniversary of the grant, in 2016, the Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center organized the exhibition Pécsi 25, showcasing the works of previous grant recipients. The occasion also brought about the creation of a so far missing and continually expanding online archive for the works created under the aegis of the grant. Besides the showcase exhibition of the authors awarded the grant for a second year in 2018, the Project Room of the Capa Center also displays the works of the first- and third-year grant recipients.

The exhibition is realized in cooperation with Magyar Alkotóművészeti Közhasznú Nonprofit Kft. (MANK [Hungarian Creative Art Public Benefit Non-profit Ltd.]). Established in 2011, MANK is the only nonprofit corporation in the country which is expressly entrusted with the task of supporting fine arts and artists, including the organizing, financial administration, handling and documenting of early career support grants.

Exhibiting artists: Bielik István, Gáldi Vinkó Andi, Hegyháti Réka, Nyíri Julianna, Polgár András, Standovar Júlia, Szalay Krisztina, Turós Balázs, Vékony Dorottya, Zellei Boglárka Éva.