Craig Krull Gallery is please to present an exhibition of recent work by L.A. photographer, John Humble. Entitled "Vermont", the entire series was photographed on Vermont Avenue, one of the longest north/south streets in Los Angeles County, running over 23 miles from Los Feliz to San Pedro.

In a similar project, Humble exhibited his Pico series at Craig Krull Gallery in 2014. In his photography, Humble aims to avoid any stylistic affectations, presenting the viewer with empirical evidence. He suggests that his images are “reminiscent of geological cross-sections or archeological excavations with layers of disparate natural and man-made elements compressed – a sampling of a visual strata.”

John Humble began photographing the “paradoxes and ironies of Los Angeles” in 1979. As a keen observer of this strange and extraordinary sprawl, he was one of eight photographers awarded a grant from the NEA to chronicle the city on its bicentennial. Then in 2007, the Getty Museum mounted a mid-career retrospective entitled: "A Place in the Sun: Photographs by John Humble", accompanied by a major monograph.