The constant need for change and the human inability to live in a stable environment are some of the pivotal points in the show. Nobody can expect the future to be similar to the present; there is a constant belief in renovation and a need to alter life. The will to change extends far beyond a discipline and involves several levels of history and reality.

The quest for the golden fleece, ancient and modern explorations of faraway lands, the current ideaof a one-way trip to Mars: the desire to cross borders and explore unknown lands has always been a means of acquiring greater knowledge and converting an adventure into research. But what brings an individual onto such a path?

Moreover, what is the influence of social recognition in a journey with no planned return? Peaceful Planet is an attempt to keep art strictly connected with the Dionysian depth of non-specificity and, more generally, with the unknown. The idea itself of investigation implies disembodiment; broadening one’s range of vision and observing mankind from a different point of view. This artistic analysis, through images and printed textiles, aims to take our existing level of understanding even further.

Born in Seriate (Italy) 1985, Marco Pezzotta graduated at the Faculty of Fine Art in Milan Brera and achieved a Meisterschuler at the Kunsthochschule Weissensee in Berlin.

2013 he has been part of the residency program of SeMA Seoul Museum of Art in Seoul (South Korea) and in Vienna MuseumsQuartier as a guest of Quartier21. He is mostly based in Berlin.

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