From January 17 to April 20, 2019, the MABA of Nogent-sur-Marne is happy to present a group exhibition dedicated to witch-related imagery that tackles environmental, economical and free speech issues. Curated by Caroline Cournède and entitled Truth isn’t truth, the exhibition gathers drawings, photographs, installations and videos by French and international artists Meris Angioletti (Italy), Nina Canell (Sweden), Ilanit Illouz (France), Jonathan Martin (France), Marijke De Roover (Belgium) and Gaia Vincensini (Switzerland).

The sentence Rudy Giuliani pronounced in support to Donald Trump “truth isn’t truth” brings in mind other dark times when truth was no longer what it seemed to be. A time when witches were eradicated, women who disturbed social peace, were hunted down and put to summary trials. Witches were nothing but women who disturbed and called into question a certain established order. They served as an outlet to social tensions and a scapegoat. As free single or homosexual women or widows with an empirical knowledge of nature and plants, they were easy targets.

Truth isn’t truth, but sometimes, truth is really true and it bothers. It is the truth of the #metoo or #balancetonporc movements. Women finally speaking up and telling an unpleasant truth. The truth that isn’t truth might well turn into a new one. And now more than ever, we should watch out and conjure up witches again.

This exhibition tells various witch stories. Witches who photographed slowly drying and crumbling lands due to geopolitical conflicts; stories of witches who gather and create sororities; others who explore the themes of maternity and nuclear family... Witches still exist. They have always existed. They are women who fight, speak up, sing or scream the truth about urgent environmental and economical issues, who circulate energies, transform elements and maybe can (ex)change perspectives... This exhibition is organized with the support of the Frac Grand Large – Hauts-de-France (Dunkerque).