Voodoo #006 was one of two of the last in service CF-101 Voodoos in 1987. On April 9, 1987, Voodoo #101006, made the world’s last Voodoo flight, flying from CFB Chatham to CFB Greenwood NS.

Previously that day, 006 had flown from CFB North Bay ON to CFB Bagotville QC, then on to CFB Chatham NB. The aircraft was then helicoptered to CFB Cornwallis NS, where it decorated the recruit school parade square. When CFB Cornwallis closed, 006 was put on display at the Cornwallis Military Museum.

However, after many decades of sitting outside since that time, the Cornwallis Military Museum made the difficult decision to award the aircraft to another museum. That museum was the Jet Aircraft Museum (JAM) at London International Airport in London, ON, Canada. With 006 now safely transported to the Jet Aircraft Museum, the planning begins for it’s restoration.