Fleet Aircraft was set up in Canada in 1930 by Reuben Fleet of the Consolidated Aircraft Corporation to get around import regulations. The Model 2 was a low powered trainer for the civilian and recreational market. Twelve were manufactured for the Canadian market before being succeeded by the Type 7, 600 of which were produced as a military trainer. Total production in North America was 1,250.

The Museum’s example was the 4th of the initial production run. It was delivered in 1930 and spent its nearly 50 year career in northern BC. It was mainly engaged in prospecting, usually operating on floats. Our Fleet was on display at the Royal British Columbia Museum in the late 1970s and was the oldest registered aircraft in Canada when officially retired in 1981.

It is now on long-term loan to the BCAM and while not a true “bush plane” it and the “Sea Rover” served the province well in this pioneer role.