The Stinson L-5 Sentinel is the military version of the commercial Stinson 105 Voyager. The unarmed L-5 possesses a short field take-off and landing capability.

This made it useful for evacuating wounded from the battlefield, delivering supplies to remote units, transporting personnel, and rescuing allied personnel in isolated areas. The L-5 was used in conducting aerial reconnaissance, laying communications wire, and as a light bomber. L-5s remained in U. S. Air Force service until 1955, primarily serving in Asia and the Pacific.

This L-5 Sentinel served in World War II, logging 20 flight hours in 1945, before being sold as surplus. The aircraft spent the remainder of its life in Hawaii, flying primarily on Oahu and the Island of Hawai’i. In the 1970s, the airframe was disassembled for storage. Currently under restoration this L-5 Sentinel will be painted and equipped as it would have been during the war.