Lyle O. Reitzel Contemporary Gallery, founded in 1995, proudly invites you to the opening of our first solo show with urban photographer Lucinda Grange, titled 'City Cross-Section', on Thursday January 17th, 6-9pm.

'City Cross-Section', named after an ongoing project by Grange, takes us on a global tour of the underworld, exploring the undiscovered and undocumented, and granting us a new perspective to the environments we think ourselves to be familiar with.

The 'City Cross-Section' project has been the main passion of Lucinda's work for over a decade, and will be shown for the first time here at Lyle O Reitzel Gallery. Dissecting and documenting the city above, below and around us, then juxtaposing these environments through framed floating collages, Lucinda shows us what lies below our very feet, as if we were to peel back the layers of the city. Exposing and sharing the deepest underbellies and highest peaks of the very places we live and love.

This mixed collection of photos and collages from different eras of Grange’s work plays with physical and imaginary boundaries constructed by society and by the self. Some works concern themselves with violating these lines to expose a rare and unseen beauty to the viewer; others reimagine and reconstruct the lines we have never taken time to consider. Grange’s use of height and symmetry subvert the viewer’s understanding of the environments she shoots, creating new order, chaos and drama with her compositional choices.