The exhibition I Am. Are You? departs from a sense of being, as in the physical presence of materials and bodies, which stretch beyond the objecthood of sensual materiality. The recognition of this elongation as being an integral part of the physical material is what generates an ongoing potential of the work. Relating to the world through still uncategorized, momentarily undefined encounters, creates an opening where the abundance, the overflowing aspects of being, can stretch beyond that which we thought we knew. For a moment, for the first time and without tools to grasp it, we come across something for which we must find new forms.

The works selected for this exhibition spring out of this transformation. The work is transformative not only during the process of making and through the experiences of the creator, but also through the experiences of those who encounter the work and in relation to specific situations, which are distinctive between different moments. Along these lines the works are marks in time, both holding on to specific events but simultaneously leading to new experiences which generate a gap in time. The ongoing works Oxidopolis, Written Language (line drawings), Brush, the Crossed outs and Universal(s) are made in this momentary discontinuity and singularity of time. In these ruptures the work of the artist keeps developing – both through the creation of new artworks and through the transformation of existing ones.

When pigments go from color to disappearance, when lines go from marks to meaning, when material marks (of pigments) stretch out in drops, smudges, curve, they become letters, mimic objects or figurations, oxide or register errors – the marks transform the meaning in the process of becoming. In this way, a constant ongoing transformation and ever-changing specific situation is incorporated in the making of objects. Literally along these lines the title of the exhibition I am. Are you? points to a continuous movement (of being and materiality) that keeps changing when you are encountering the work.