Though each using a different approach with abstract painting styles both artists manage to create a sense of space in their paintings which seems to pull in the viewer to an altered state of mind. Like in a photographic image a depth of field is created through blurriness of the background and careful placement of shapes, forms and gestures in the foreground. Viewing the mostly large format works is like looking through a stained window, knowing there is something behind it but one can’t quite grasp it or like being in a dream where everything seems real und not real at the same time, intangible but ever present. The works display an absent reality which seems to surround us more and more in our everyday world.

Cecilia Pape, born 1986 in Göttingen, Germany, currently working and residing in Berlin, Germany. She studied painting, drawing and printmaking at the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts and also a semester at the Spanish Universidad La Laguna in San Cristóbal de La Laguna. In her paintings, Cecilia works with geometrical shapes and forms, bodies, lines and figurative elements to create a composition full of harmonious tension. The way the objects correspond to and with each other creates a coordinated play of hinted perspective and humorous depth. Adding to this the confrontation of space to the layering of paint results in a concentrated language of the painting. The finished constellations contemplatively but decisively rule the diffuse and multilayered empty spaces and show a world where every component seems simultaniously disconnected and connected at the same time. Since 2017 Cecilia is Prof. Wolfram Adalbert Scheffler’s master apprentice.

Moritz Neuhoff, born 1987 in Osnabrück, Germany, focuses his work mainly on three key elements of painting: color, light and the depiction of space. Not limiting himself to the classic painting techniques he often resorts to rather unusual tools that offer themselves to artists nowadays. At a first glance his mostly large format works give the illusion of being something they are not and in realising this one inevitably comes to the conclusion of it having to be digitally produced or in some way non humanly produced by machines and yet, after a closer look, the work reviles itself as truly and thoroughly painted by hand and the human body with its proportions and motions becomes the visible creator. Moritz Neuhoff studied at the Kunsakademie Münster and was master apprentice of Prof. C. Völker in 2016. He currently works and resides in Berlin, Germany.