In response to Bob & Roberta Smith’s theme for Deptford X, ‘Art Makes People Powerful’ Bearspace presents four recently graduated artists who’s work uses the power of visual language to create their work

All three artists have graduated in the last three years, Raf Zawistowski from Wimbledon School of Art, daisy Hogan from Camberwell College of Art and Jin Wook Moon from Goldsmiths College. Their works are all about discussion using the format of painting, sculpture and film.

Raf Zawistowski works with oil paint and wax on linen and canvas and his work evokes emotion through landscape and portraiture painting. His artwork deals with notions of beauty and ugliness and the significance of the portrayal of the human figure. Raf gives importance to the figure or landscape by using day-glow colours to signify a once had importance. He uses his catholic upbringing and renaissance studies to play with the catholic religion in his work to add meaning to his paintings.

Jin Wook Moon first came to London to study for his Masters in Fine Art at Goldsmiths College. On arriving from his native South Korea, he realised that language was a problem for him and as such had difficulty expressing his views, or anything about his work. As such he turned to his art for communication, using the type face ‘Wing Bats’ to communicate. This bright installation of objects replicates the popular, nonsense font/language and allows Moon to play with the language of art as a concept in its own right.

Daisy Hogan treats here sculptural works like theatre sets where the viewer is invited to escape through different channels to reach virtual worlds. Her piece sets a dinner party theme, which plays out eternally as though you are trapped in a feasting ritual not able to leave. In this way the dream of escapism and pleasure becomes nightmarish. Each scene sets creates a miniature tableaux into an attractive subject, scenario or place, as though our aspirations are the matter that enters us into a new terrifying world.

This exhibition is curated by Bearspace, we trawl the degree shows looking for unique, directional works to promote and celebrate at the gallery and through projects and art fairs. Come Dine With Me, represents some of the themes and thinking that emerging artists at the cusp of development are engaging with.

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