The historical and cultural exhibition entitled “The Russian Culture of the First Half of the Eighteenth Century” tells a fascinating story of the development of Russian culture from the time of Peter the Great until the reign of Elizabeth Petrovna.

A unique collection of memorabilia from the so-called “Peter the Great’s Study” helps gain an insight both into the culture of Peter’s time and the personality of Peter the Great. It consists of tools, instruments and the lathes from Peter’s own workshop. The portraits of the prominent public figures, who distinguished themselves during the reign of Peter the Great and Elizabeth, deserve special mention.

A considerable part of the items on display represent the works of decorative and applied art of the first half of the 18th century. Among them are items of furniture, interior decorations, metal artwork, articles made of glass, enamels, examples of mosaics, etc. On display are the early examples of porcelain produced at the Imperial Porcelain Factory including the rare examples of Russian porcelain by the father of home-produced porcelain D.I. Vinogradov.