Garage Museum of Contemporary Art presents an exhibition by Russian artist, writer, musician, and art theorist Pavel Pepperstein (b. 1966).

Introduced to the circle of Moscow Conceptualists as a child, since the beginning of his career Pepperstein has been one of the main mythmakers of Russian contemporary art: an inventor of systems, universes, languages, cities, and political projects. His solo exhibition at Garage attempts to review the key myths created by the artist since the late 1960s: from invented countries with detailed maps and national symbols to ecstatic or, on the contrary, ultra-logical visions of the future; from religions, cults, beliefs, and rituals to alternative realities that exist in parallel dimensions.

The exhibition will feature around eighty works spanning the artist’s career from both public and private collections, as well as material from Pepperstein’s personal archive and Garage Archive Collection.