Continuing the international cultural exchange program of our gallery, started two years ago with collaborative projects with Galerie Odile Ouizeman (Paris), Otto Zoo and FL gallery (Milano), narrative projects (London), we're glad to present a new collaboration with Estonian gallery Temnikova & Kasela (Tallinn), marking personal friendship as well as the century of the Republic of Estonia.

Krista Mölder's works focus on universalized space and viewer experience or, to be more specific, on the transference of a personal (and constructed) viewer experience through which the viewer has a chance to identify with the artist’s view and frame of mind. Mölder often works site-specifically, taking the context of a space as one of themes of her allegoric oeuvre.

Krista Mölder’s solo exhibition “Notes on Being Present” at Galerie Iragui is put together based on her photo series of recent years in an active dialogue with the gallery space. Works line up in a new ensemble, a kind of whole, acquiring new meanings and premises: at the level of the image, combinations of images and their dynamic interaction with the exhibition hall. Krista Mölder’s photos are always connected to the topic of presence — being-in-a-given-place, focusing on identifying its potential as well as its structure. The structure here represents both a kind of formal orderliness and the poetic, phenomenological and philosophical essence of space, expressed through the artist’s multi-layered visual language.

Krista Mölder (b. 1972) lives and works in Tallinn (Estonia). She studied photography at the University of Westminster (London), in 2006 she received her MA from the photography department of Estonian Academy of Arts (Tallinn). Mölder has been participating in exhibitions since the mid-2000s, exhibiting her work at solo and group exhibitions in Estonia, Finland, France, UK, Japan and USA.