The participatory installation Shadows Without Borders asks visitors to discover and reflect on exile, what binds our identity, and the strength of our connection to that irreplaceable place called “home.”As you travel through this shadow world with lamps, discover pieces created during workshops in refugee communities in Greece and Turkey alongside work made by the artists.

Playing with shadow and light, you are invited to highlight an object, a moment or a place, or cast them into darkness.The work will evolve throughout its run as visitors add their creations to express their own concept of home. During the exhibition, newcomers to Canada and the general public will be invited to add their artistic touch to enhance this constantly changing collective installation.

Mere Phantoms is a partnership between artists Maya Ersan and Jaimie Robson. Since 2012, the Montreal-based duo has created fantastic worlds through two classic art forms: the theatre of shadows and the art of paper cutting. The artists use as few tools as possible—such as knives, rulers and paper— so that light is the medium that makes their creations come alive. The result fascinates and captivates and makes spectators the moderators of their own experience.