Extravagant shapes, playful motives and diverse colors characterize the high-quality products of the porcelain manufactures in the years between the wars.

The mocha sets and tins presented in the exhibition represent small luxury objects that cannot be classified as strict display objects, but aren't items of daily use either. They often come with some elements of the jagged style that characterizes the architecture of the pillar hall in which the exhibition is shown as well.

Elaborate two- or three-dimensional figurative presentations were just as popular - for example depicting exotic animals. Doubtlessly unusual in scope and diversity, the Hamburg collections of Gisela Krause-Ausborn and Gerd Ausborn, as well as that of Professor Peter Schatt, entice with their different focuses and decades of passion for collecting. A selection of objects from these collections is presented together for the first time in this combination, creating a cross-section through the design variations of art deco.