Angela A’Court’s sublte, elegant and minimalist soft pastels of her intimate interiors is in harmony with her fellow artist Teresa Lawton’s abstracted shapes and balanced colours of her very personal Dorset Coastline. Both artists concentrate on integrating and simplifying shape, tone and colour to create and identify their spaces.

Angela A’Court’s compositions are anything but simple. Her compositions are about positive and negative space and the interaction of objects between them. Her wonderful soft pastels have a modern sensibility. A’Court uses a bold, graphic style with delineated edges and strong contrasts between the figure or object and it’s background, which creates her minimalist style. She is drawn to the unusual soft pastel medium using it like paint, exploiting the textural surface and the immediacy of the ‘crayon’.

Teresa Lawton paints instinctively from her personal perspective, exploring the simplification of form space and colour. The Dorset landscape is etched into her memory although she feels no compunction to recreate it in any representational way. Constructing areas of space and clean lines interrupted by colour is what she achieves in her work. The coast and the surrounding landscape supply her with endless ideas and inspiration however they become just a collection of random shapes and colours either in harmony or conflict but those shapes and colours are most certainly having a conversation with one another. Teresa’s paintings are bold with the sense of wild freedom and isolation.

Angela A’Court PS currently lives and works in New York City. After graduating from London’s Goldsmiths College she worked as an interior designer before becoming a full-time artist a 16 years ago. She was elected into the pastel society in 2009 and exhibits both in the UK and USA. Her work has appeared in many UK publications and is widely collected.

Teresa Lawton was born in Dorset and received her Fine Art Degree in 1994 from Winchester. In 1997 her work was selected by HRH Prince of Wales for the Discerning Eye Exhibition and since then her paintings hang in many notable private collections world wide – collectors include George Michael, Chief Executive Christie’s New York ; award winning designer Dereck Birdswall and actors Pippa Haywood, Aislin Mcguckin and Aidan McArdle. She has regularly exhibited at The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and Art Fairs in London,Singapore and New York.