The exhibition is the natural continuation of the artist’s previous solo show entitle Officium, by adding previously inedited shots, taken from 2015 to 2018, to a selection of those present in that occasion; a new series of his evocative nocturnal landscapes, in which the silence of the depicted places is interrupted by the solitary alien presence of light drawings highlighting Nature’s beauty by interacting with it.

The delicate winter lyricism of mountain valleys and the austere archaism of millenary olive trees, work as counterpoint to the magniloquent ruins of Magno-Greek and Keltic religious architectures, respectively from Sicily and Northern Ireland, capturing and reinvigorating their ancestral spiritual and mystical presence. The light paintings, which characterize each picture, by perfectly interacting with the depicted places, are captured during long exposure times and are the only source of light of the photographs, along with that of the moon, always caught during its full phase.

The artist’s intention is that of keeping intact and unaltered the purity of the image, executing, only when necessary, a delicate, almost imperceptible, post-production work, which is never aimed at denaturalizing a project that finds its major strength in its mystical and dreamlike naturalness.