For her fourth exhibition at the Galerie Charlot, she who had accustomed us to her intense black backgrounds, Anne-Sarah Le Meur is changing tack: make way for pink! Pink chewing gum or fuchsia, old pink, parma perhaps?, apricot-pale pink-skin, fresh pink, milky pink... The compositions of the surfaces are then organized around velvety and warm colours, sometimes contrasting and punctuated by opposites: bright yellow, clear green. Sometimes a pink only reveals at the second glance that it is juxtaposed with a similar shade, slightly different, quickly undetectable, but which then creaks gently under the eye. Sour pink? A jumble of minimalism and shine. Elsewhere, the background takes the form of an invasive substance, partially removing the surface «from below». Perception becomes more complex thanks to contrary impressions: substance or surface ? surface or space?

Anne-Sarah Le Meur’s 3D space has the particularity of being «diminished», paradoxically reduced to a moving surface, therefore in small volume, in an interval of almost thickness. While our society constantly encourages the fastest, largest, most visible..., this artist’s ambition aims for a «less», for a «better»: her volume brings tiny but subtle plastic effects linked to perspective.

The exhibition Rose Apothéose brings together prints, video and generative works. In the continuity of the great painters obsessed with colourful sensations, Anne-Sarah Le Meur tirelessly explores the relationships of tones, sharp or blurred, textures, fibrous or silky, wave rhythms... By loops, combinatories and constant variations on numbers, slow metamorphoses become caresses or joyful brusqueness for the eyes. Erotic, this abstraction?