From 25 October 2018 the youngsters of "MAS in Jonge Handen" are taking over a floor of the museum. Let your instinct lead you in this unique exhibition that reveals the animal side of the museum collection with creative materials and a wild programme. .

The MAS has a multi-faceted collection. Pretty much anything you dare to think of is waiting in one of our storage depots to be shown to the public. The curators of the MAS challenge ‘MAS In Jonge Handen' ('MAS in Young Hands’) to delve into these objects and build their own idiosyncratic exhibition. With this bold take-over of the collection, the young people redefine what a museum is all about, according to their own views.

They follow their instincts, choosing to display the rich group of items relating to animals from the collection. Ever heard of Inuit garments made of whale gut, or a pair of pigeons that carried important messages between members of the Antwerp resistance? You can look forward to amusing legends, museum anecdotes and weird combinations that you wouldn’t normally see in a museum. Don’t let the youngsters put you off: this exhibition is made by young people, but it’s a must-see for everyone.

The youth team of the MAS has been turning the life of the museum upside down for years. The team of young volunteers gives advice, asks critical questions and develops a youth programme in the museum which ranges from the extraordinary to the very simple. They have already shown what they are able of on more than one occasion with events such as the successful masked ball MAS[ked], and now they demand the deserved role of curator for their first exhibition.