Valentýna Janů (born 1994 in Prague) begun last year studying master program at the Academy of Fine Arts (Intermedia Studio of Pavla Sceranková & Dušan Zahoranský) after having graduated from the Photography Department of the Film Academy of Performing Arts in Prague.

Janů finds inspiration outside the visual arts: mainly in literature, pop music and, especially, in daily life situations. While oscillating between physical objects and textual narratives, a situation becomes a key word for Janů’s work; performative act dominates her interdisciplinary vocabulary. Words turn sculptural while texts become compositions within the formal assemblage of speech and writing.

Her project for INTRODUCING entitled I’m sry brings the viewer into a space which forces you to slow down and apologize for all what you’ve done wrong. Objects and images are in dialogue with a soothing soundtrack by Czech musician dné. Intimate situation is their commentary and an antidote to a never-ending list of daily remorses, both conscious and unconscious.