Brittany has always attracted artists and owing to the local Pont-Aven school, it became a major centre for modern art visited by many of the most progressive artists of the time. Artists of Czech origin, too, came regularly toBrittany; several even settled there temporarily.

The exhibition provides details about the presence of Czech artists in Brittany in 1850–1950, and evaluates how they depicted its rough landscape or traditional motifs and the influence of the Pont-Aven school on their work or its unique character.

Works by Czech artists (such as Jaroslav Čermák, Antonín Chitussi, Alfons Mucha, Josef Čapek, František Kupka, Jan Zrzavý, Alén Diviš, Toyen, Jan Křížek) are presented and compared to paintings by foreign artists, such as Paul Gauguin, Paul Sérusier and Émil Bernard.

The exhibition was prepared by the National Gallery Prague in cooperation with the Musée départemental breton.