WITH over thirty years of watching, walking and painting the ancient landscapes of North Wales, it is little wonder that popular Welsh artist Gerald Dewsbury RCA is constantly inspired.

Based in Corwen, North Wales, Gerald has had several successful exhibitions at the award-winning Ffin y Parc Gallery and has produced 50 new works for his latest exhibition, which will share gallery space with a special mixed Christmas show this December.

Gerald studied at Falmouth School of Art and has been a member of the Royal Cambrian Academy since 2003, he explained why he was drawn to North Wales by the landscapes. He said: “I have been painting and drawing for as long as I can remember, some drawings I did as a boy are still vivid in my mind. It is something which seems natural to me.”

He added: “Generally I paint things inspired by what I see in the landscape around me.” Gallery owner Ralph Sanders added: “Gerald’s beady eye, patience and stillness allow him to see signs and changes.

“It is as if the forests and mountains which remain closed and mysterious to us, open to him. He has spent years patiently earning their trust after all!”

Gerald’s solo show will run alongside a Christmas Mixed exhibition which includes work from over 40 gallery artists including James Guy Eccleston, Sarah Carvell and highly collectable landscape painter David Grovesnor, to name a few, with all works under £1000 and sold off the wall.

The show runs from Sunday, December 9 until Wednesday 23 and will also include work from five brand new gallery artists alongside collectable pieces from timeless artists Maurice Cockrill and Josef Herman.