Louis Stern Fine Arts is pleased to present “Woman | Woman,” organized by independent curator jill moniz and featuring artists Victoria May and Lisa Diane Wedgeworth whose explorations of light, texture and surface push the boundaries of hard edge. With opposite but not oppositional practices, these artists work in and at the boundaries of method, materiality, and meaning.

May and Wedgeworth were born and raised in Los Angeles, at the country’s edge, surrounded by layers and patterns of visual, written and oral narratives that have had a direct impact on their work. Whether through traditional women’s work as menders and memory keepers or recognizing the sacred feminine of cosmic energy, both artists work in the tensions of light and dark, surface and background, the personal and cultural.

“Woman | Woman” is about dichotomies, and the spaces in between or at the edges where similarities bloom. Just as their works are visually juxtaposed, like a Venn diagram, Lisa Diane Wedgeworth and Victoria May intersect in their use of abstraction to articulate aesthetic language resonate with emotion. Patterns, forms and negative space shape narratives about human relationships with the self and with the world around us.

Los Angeles plays a significant role in “Woman | Woman” as a place for difference to comingle and coexist. Just as there are diverse communities, these artists shape and sharpen their perspectives to hard edge by layering on and integrating varying visual modalities. In LA, these expanding traditions create the aesthetic and social fabric from which May and Wedgeworth draw continued inspiration.