Foraging the Hive: Sara Young and Tyler Budge is a collaborative exhibition and outdoor installation. "Defining our purpose, or role, through interdisciplinary investigations concerning creation and production is the basis for our seventh collaborative installation. It is through observing the intersection of science and art that we form associations with our cultures obsessive work ethic, the act of collaboration, labor, and nature. Looking to our personal experiences with beekeeping, bee observation, and honey extraction allowed us to insolate similarities that exist between the bees and ourselves as creators.

In February of 2005, we commenced the creation of why be/e collective as an instrument to view our creative process, its role, and impact on future creative endeavors. We would disperse to our individual studios to collect, manipulate, create, store, and record. The created media were then brought together as a collective. The glass test tubes allowed us to clearly view our experiments. We then cataloged the collection, which resulted in a material list. The tubes were sealed with beeswax to store and preserve the crop. We had created in essence, a glass hive. The collective, en masse, spawned why be/e collective’s final form and the resulting visual, written, and oral language.", states Budge.

He continues, "To further the conceptual aims of the exhibition, we are investigating the concept of the museum as a hive in its capacity to showcase creative works. In addition, we are exploring the notion of collaboration - what does it mean to collaborate? How do we open our collaboration to larger communities, such as Museum of Glass, to benefit all involved? This installation strives to unify observation and glass art."