Experience one of the central art works from last year’s documenta exhibition by Angela Melitopoulos. The comprehensive work is co-funded by Kunsthal Charlottenborg and is now presented in Scandinavia for the first time.

Crossings composes a narrative about war, forms of slavery past and present and ecological disasters. It focuses on delirious conditions of realities emerging in the current state of debt crisis in Greece, where deregulations create a civil war among its citizens. War, destruction and the experience of a traumatic neoliberal reality is transmitted from body to body, from generation to generation, generating countless voices. These voices are intertwined – they form new groups of expressions.

The display of screens and speakers forms the narrative of a concatenated series of scenes that create tensions and relations with each other.

The scenes include the closure of the borders between Greece and Macedonia in Idomeni in spring 2016, the brutal eviction of refugees from the harbour of Piraeus, where a vulnerable group of migrants had camped under the highway bridge.

Crossings is a four-channel video and sixteen-channel audio installation by Angela Melitopoulos (b. 1961) in collaboration with music composer Pascale Criton, video artist Angela Anderson, philosopher Maurizio Lazzarato, video activist Oktay Ince and schizoanalyst Paula Cobo Guevara.

The exhibition is supported by the Danish Arts Foundation, Goethe-Institut Dänemark, Grosserer L. F. Foght’s Foundation, the Obel Family Foundation and sponsored by HAY.