From climate change to food shortage and resource depletion, the damaging effects of modern life are more tangible than ever. Eco-Visionaries brings together architects and artists who are proposing inventive ways to address the most pressing issues of our times.

Eco-Visionaries is a survey of current practices of art and architecture that, beyond mainstream notions of sustainability, respond with original approaches to the environmental transformations that are disturbing our planet. Through photography, film, sculpture, installation, architectural models and digital media, the works in this exhibition interrogate how cutting edge art and architecture can help us respond to a rapidly changing world.

The exhibition brings together international practitioners, including Superflex, Unknown Fields, Andrés Jaque / Office for Political Innovation, HeHe and Malka Architecture, among others. Together they provide critical reflections on mankind’s impact on the earth, and identify possibilities for innovation and action.

With Eco-Visionaries, the RA joins a collaborative endeavor between several European museums. At a moment when climate change is even more widely felt, this exhibition invites us to take a critical look at the impact we are having on the planet and to consider alternate visions of the future.