Migration, cultural history and identity are key themes addressed in SMK’s new special exhibition Danh Vo: Take My Breath Away. Danish-Vietnamese Danh Vo ranks among Denmark’s pre-eminent internationally acclaimed living artists – as reflected in this exhibition, which comes to SMK directly from the Guggenheim in New York.

Fragments of a full-scale replica of the Statue of Liberty, a chandelier that has witnessed key turning points in history, and a letter from a warring Henry Kissinger revealing his keen love of ballet: Danh Vo lifts existing objects out of their original context, interweaving them to form new narratives about identity and culture.

At SMK you can experience Danh Vo’s ideas as they spread through the museum – from Kafeteria, the museum café that Vo helped decorate over plaster cast sculptures in the Sculpture Street to specifically designed cushions on the museum’s marble stair case.

With the retrospective exhibition SMK displays the most comprehensive overview of one of the largest contemporary artists on Danish soil so far.

The exhibition comes to SMK directly from Guggenheim in New York and is arranged in co-operation with The Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation.