The Museo archeologico regionale “Antonino Salinas” of Palermo hosts the important solo exhibition of the Greek artist Venia Dimitrakopoulou.

Creating a dialogue with the archaeological exhibits permanently on display in the rooms of the museum, the exhibition presents the sculptress’ creative universe through a remarkable selection of works: sculptures, papers and installations, some of which are for the first time on display in Italy; among them new site-specific works stand out.

The Palermo exhibition is the first stop of the “Trilogia Italia”, which is organized by the Fondazione Ellenica di Cultura – Italia in cooperation with the Istituto Siciliano di Studi Bizantini e Neoellenici “Bruno Lavagnini” and Artespressione of Milan, representative gallery for the artist in Italy during this event that touches also Turin and Trieste. The layout of the exhibition, peculiar to each city, highlights the themes typical of the Greek artist’s whole production: the lasting connection between the past and the present, starting from the rich archaeological heritage that bonds the Greek culture to that of Italy.

Matter is the main character in all the works on display at the Museo Salinas – from volcanic rock to handmade Chinese paper, from bronze to marble and plaster – which highlights how much archaeology lives again in contemporaneity and how the immersion in the past enables the understanding of the present.