Newzones is pleased to present Perception, running concurrently with Exposure 2019: Alberta’s Photography Festival. Perception is an exciting presentation of Newzones’ process-driven and photo-based artists, curated to showcase the methods that are employed in their creative process.

With the photograph at the core, Perception will explore artwork that is manipulated in many fashions: by way of hand with a selection of media, where photography becomes mixed with wax, paint or Plexiglas. Other artists use pinhole cameras or Polaroid film to achieve a specific effect, and some utilize digital means to create and alter the images, resulting in a different effect altogether. With all of these varying methods, it’s up to the viewer to determine how the photos are created.

The exhibition will feature photographers Dianne Bos (Calgary), Axel Breutigam (Vancouver), Franco DeFrancesca (Toronto), John Folsom (Atlanta, GA), Virginia Mak (Toronto), Don Maynard (Kingston), Stuart McCall (Vancouver), and Sarah Nind (Toronto).