The exhibition highlights the extraordinary collection of the former director of the Eich ironworks Édouard Metz (1831–1895), who during his lifetime collected about three hundred 16th- to 19th-century firebacks and stove plates, produced in the old Duchy of Luxembourg and neighbouring areas.

Since the 19th century, firebacks have been sought-after collectibles. In the museum, they give an insight into the material life and mentalities of past times: from the production of iron, the living conditions and heating technology to the iconography and the artistic models of the motifs shown on them (with reference to religion, heraldry, mythology and historical events) or to the sociability around the fireplace, a place for fairy tales and folklore.

Since the firebacks represent robust objects, visitors can touch some of the pieces; thus the visit can also be experienced by people with visual impairments. An attractive design as well as various media terminals invite to a playful discovery of the imagery of firebacks. The Édouard Metz Collection is on kind loan from the Fondation Veuve Émile Metz-Tesch.