Bum Steer Heap is a collection of 6 mixed media paintings and a group of small sculptures that explore a voyeuristic view, inside rooms, behind closed doors. The small pulp sculptures – moulded from paper, paint and plastic – step out of the large paintings in a transformation of image and language.

Collaborative British artists Mike S Redmond (born 1987) and Faye Coral Johnson (born 1988) also (MSR FCJ) are the duo behind collections that dare to explore all manner of odd but enchanting circumstances. Adventure stories of unbridled romance, mild horror, biting humor and plain weird fantasy unfolds in their paintings and sculptures.

Through a constant merging of two minds, their work becomes difficult to tell where one ends and the other begins. Faye’s work, free, imperfect and experimental slots right in with Mike’s dynamic cartoony characters and scenes. Flaws and mistakes are encouraged, marks and scratches are treasured and forms and perspectives are distorted to create completely unique works of art somewhere between the chaos and harmony of melding visual ideas.

Throughout their drawings and paintings, two brains and four hands work as one. The experimental exchange is evident in the loose and unique aesthetic of the art; a process that loosens any pre-visions, leading down a path to the unknown in a direction they could never foresee.

Since 2006 Mike S Redmond and Faye Coral Johnson have been filling walls and pages throughout UK, Europe and the US. They are seasoned self-publishers and have been published by Nieves (Zurich), The Idler (London), Good Press (Glasgow), Café Royal Books (Southport), Frederic Magazine (Paris), FP CF Editions (Paris) and many more. They have exhibited throughout the UK, US, France, Belgium and Denmark and have been awarded artist residencies in the UK, France and Switzerland.

Bum Steer Heap is Mike S Redmond’s and Faye Coral Johnson’s first solo exhibition with V1 Gallery.