Gallery Art & Soul, Mumbai in collaboration with NGO PASSAGES presents an exclusive exhibition curated by Brinda Miller and Tarana Khubchandani with a limited-edition collection of hand woven and tufted carpets in wool and silk titled The cARTpet Project . Reproduced from key artworks of twenty-two of India’s leading artists, the exhibition aims to raise breast cancer awareness as well as funds to support patients with their treatment expenses. The exhibition will open at Blue Sea, 12pm on 21 October 2018 to mark breast cancer awareness month in Mumbai and continue at Gallery Art & Soul from 22 October - 1 November 2018.

The cARTpet project is a great opportunity for collectors to enjoy art in an unusual form. For the young aspirational collector, it is a rare chance to collect a unique piece of work and support an important cause. Participating artists include - Anjolie Ela Menon, Baiju Parthan, S.H. Raza, Brinda Miller, Jayasri Burman, Jehangir Sabavala, Krishen Khanna, Badri Narayan, Manu Parekh, Paresh Maity, Ram Kumar, Rekha Rodwittiya, Rini Dhumal, Neeraj Goswami, Sudhir Patwardhan, Satish Gujral, Seema Kohli, Senaka Senanayake, Sujata Bajaj, Suryaprakash, Shuvaprasanna and Thota Vaikuntam.

Dr. Tarana Khubchandani , Founder, Director PASSAGES and Art & Soul, “ As a survivor, I’m saddened to see that there still exists an apathy amongst the urban woman regarding breast self-examination and regular screenings. Without starting a panic, we have to understand that many lifestyle changes in the last decade have lowered the average age at which this cancer is being detected. So, the onus of detection really lies with the woman herself. It’s about time we armed ourselves with the necessary tools for early detection and cure, with each one of us becoming an ambassador for change and education about this illness .”

This collaborative effort between Tarana and myself has been nothing short of fantastic and we are quite certain that this relatively unexplored medium will generate a great deal of interest also because it’s for a great cause. The limited-edition hand -tufted/hand-knotted works have been a diligent labour of love that will eventually contribute to the cause and commitment that Tarana has been working so hard for.

(Brinda Miller)