Giambattista Tiepolo, one of the most recognised Venice artists of the 18th century, received the most prestigious commissions of that time, mainly because of his excellent artist’s reputation. Giambattista’s painting was extensive and multifarious but his graphic art includes only thirty-eight prints.

Although this number is rather low, the originality – both in genre and creativity – of Tiepolo’s etchings is so high that they are regarded as the most remarkable graphic art of eighteenth-century Italy. The quality of the prints was acknowledged by the great artists of the world such as Piranesi, Boucher, Fragonard, Goya, and Daumier.

The Cabinet of Graphic Art presents an overview of prints by one of the most prominent artists of eighteenth-century European graphic art and his sons, Giandomenico and Lorenzo, who followed in their father’s footsteps.