The Living Room is the interactive, evolving installation space that launched in the Young Gallery in 2016. Exhibitions pair up with our current Exhibitions on Gallery Level 1.

Sharing a theme with Vivian Maier: Street Photographer and James Street North: Vintage Photographs by Cees and Annerie van Gemerden, Streetwatch is an interactive exploration of street photography through a variety of historic and contemporary mediums. Photo essays include an historic survey of downtown Hamilton circa 1950-1970 from Jack Whorwood, a day-in the life of Supercrawl by George Qua-Enoo, and a sample of the observational works generated by Titi Postma’s ongoing, possibly never-ending, chronicle of the city.

These images will be presented alongside an evolving, crowdsourced photo wall, interactive slide table, and collections of historic photographic ephemera.