This October we welcome David Walker to the gallery for a solo exhibition of new works on canvas and paper. Join us on Saturday, October 13th from 7-9pm for the opening reception of “Shake Your Skin Loose” in Denver, Colorado at 304 Elati St. 80223 – Exhibit runs until November 3rd 2018.

As the title suggests, this exhibit presents an opportunity for David to break free from habitual behaviors and creative thought processes by creating a new personal and aesthetic beginning:

“If you’re lucky or unlucky depending on your mindset, you reach a point in life where you realize that you are not only the product of your wants, beliefs, environment and upbringing. Perhaps the person you have constructed includes stupid shit you do that makes your own life difficult. If we choose, we can evolve.”

The canvas works in this exhibit continue to feature portraits of people close to David wherever he may be living, working and traveling. He rarely takes photographs so the paintings have evolved into a personal diary that sparks a wide range of memories – different studios and struggles.

Whether sitting completely still or sleeping we are internally pulsating as our physiological systems constantly work to keep us functioning. Our nervous system crackles with electricity, blood vessels expand and contract from head to toe in perfect harmony while our mind swirls with contemplation. David does a fantastic job of translating these processes to canvas and revealing the hidden vitality of his subject. Paint flows and bends seamlessly to create an intricate structure of beautiful colors vibrating against each other. As a viewer, we are confronted with a new layer of visual information against a stark background forcing us to consider interpretations beyond traditional methods as David explains below:

“In the age of social media where the treatment of others is inhuman at times and the currency is judgement: Like/Dislike, Left/Right, Us/Them, Pretty/Ugly – All done in a millisecond. I feel like portraiture and painting or ‘slow media’ is becoming more vital. A good painting can elevate its subject, command inspection, ask questions of the viewer.”

David also created a series of six works on paper exuding very heavy paint and phrases of personal significance set within a head and shoulders silhouette. These pieces have very raw and organic texturing which generates even more questions about the underlying emotions expressed during their creation – Ultimately leaving the viewer to interpret on their own terms.

David Walker was born and raised in London, England. He currently resides in Berlin, Germany.