Michael Lotenero was born in Cleveland, OH and raised in Miami. From an early age, he balanced between his two grandparent’s homes where he found endless encouragement to pursue a creative path. After graduating high school, he attended The Art Institute of Pittsburg, where he studied Graphic Design and Illustration. By 1989 he was rewarded his first exhibition at the Mendelson Gallery in Pittsburg. In the succession of exhibitions since then, Michael has experimented with sculpture, illustration, graphic design, painting, and all the platforms in between. The scope of his creative interests has resulted in the founding of a design firm, numerous solo and group shows in both galleries, and major museums across America.

Michael Lotenero’s newest exhibition provides an inside look at the Post-Punk and Dada vocabularies which inspire him. Bold brush strokes and explosive color palette forge an ambiance of energy, color, and excitement. Each work is a visual representation of his own experience of living throughout the eastern parts of the United States and numerous travels abroad. In his work he seeks to encapsulate his emotional response to places that moved or inspired him, rather than a literal depiction of those place. The collection can be considered a sort of visual travelogue. His work has been presented in The Carnegie Museum of Art, The Austin Museum of Digital Art, The Westmoreland Museum of Art, The Mattress Factory and The Museum of Contemporary Art in San Diego.

Lotenero’s works are represented in the collections of numerous important corporate collections, including Nintendo, IBM, Sony Pictures and Panasonic. Lotenero’ s work has also been widely published in publications that includes TIME, The Wall Street Journal, How Magazine, Graphis, London’s Computer Arts, BIg Magazine, The Book of Probes by Marshall Mcluhan (designed by David Carson), Big Magazine and Speak.