Brickworks Gallery is pleased to present, Walking the ATL, a solo exhibition of oil on canvas paintings by Emma Knight. In this series of Atlanta cityscapes, Knight challenges herself by including more detail than she has before into landscapes. These details include depicting people, scenes of graffiti, reflections in storefronts and on water, and as an homage to host, Brickworks Gallery, are bricks.

While painting a landscape, Knight does not attempt to depict the scene in a realistic way. She keeps it recognizable, but with added atmosphere. Knight explores the way line, shape, color and texture can be manipulated to direct the emotion of the scene. Knight’s goal in these paintings is to capture Atlanta's sunny, upbeat and promising mood.

The act of painting has been explored, and mastered by so many artists that some like to proclaim, Painting is dead! The idea that nothing new, mind-blowing or trendsetting can be achieved with paint frees me to explore the only thing that I can do uniquely with paint. My mark. Every painting I start is a challenge to myself. I've studied art, but find I use intuition much more than calculation. Which rules I choose to follow or break, each solution to each problem I cause leads to an image that only I would make. Sometimes success seems to originate from mistakes and accidents. In trying to solve these problems, a new idea will arrive...this alchemy keeps me repeating the process.