First retrospective of the work of Nyaba Ouedraogo, the photographic exhibition « Sculpter le Temps » will present more than twenty portraits exhibited simultaneously at 5 and 26 of the Rue Saint Georges. These have been selected from several photographic series built over the last ten years, interacting with each other around a particular objective and sensitivity in the contemporary photographic landscape.

« Don’t we say that photography is able to freeze the moment, I say that photography is able to sculpt time. We are all subject to the rhythm of time, but each of us live it and feel it differently. Time itself has no form or limit and can not be grasped or regulated. Photography can sculpt time.

It allows us to fill our gaps between the perception of what we see and our "individual images". It is our physical experiences that complements the lack of time and space, both ephemeral and vague. My photographs want to escape classifications, my vision is to shake up the ideas and stereotypes of a changing Africa - I try to represent time and space as sensations shared by the viewer and the artist: it is the whole purpose of my job.

These images are imbued with a look and poetry of their own because even if this work is first of all a writing and a photographic vision, it does not fail to question a continent about its identity. »