Vlaemminck paints extraordinary still lifes that combine exotism with the rawness of the earth. She chooses neglected objects on the basis of pure attraction and places them within a new reality that supersedes the banality of its everyday appearance.

Vlaemminck ignores any hierarchy or perspective in the composition of the painting. She takes the gradient painting technique to the limits and creates a strange object world full of juxtapositions. The primal melancholy of a dreary plant goes into dialogue with the aesthetics of a strip club from the eighties. There is a conscious interaction between the phenomenon of the still life and its history. During the process of painting she familiarizes with and takes possession of the image. It becomes soulful and animated.

Lisa Vlaemminck (1992) lives and works in Brussels (BE). She studied painting at KASK - School of Arts, Ghent (BE). Recent group exhibitions include: Hugo Claus - Con Amore, Bozar, Brussels (BE), Paper Works, Tatjana Pieters, Ghent (BE), Tien om te Zien, Gevaertsdreef 01, Oudenaarde (BE), De Nieuwe Garde, Zuiderpershuis, Antwerp (BE), Full Moon in Leo, Tatjana Pieters, Ghent (BE), Hortus Althea, CIAP, Hasselt (BE), Masters Salon 2015, KOMASK, Antwerp & Liège (BE), De stad als performance, the city performed, Triennial Brugge (BE), Chica Chica Bau Bau, Zwart Wild, Ghent (BE), De vierkantigste rechthoek, Amersfoort (NL) & De pasgeverfde staldeur, Zwarte Zaal, Bijloke, Ghent (BE).