LaVeronica arte contemporanea is proud to present "Ti aspetto qui" with works by Barbara Boiocchi and Claudia Ponzi.

For the two young artists, this show marks their debut at a private gallery and LaVeronica has decided to present their works for its traditional summer rendezvous.

The focus of "Ti aspetto qui" is the condition of silence combined with the bond of love that is established between humanity and the whole of nature. In the various manifestations of these sentiments there is a secrecy that - albeit subtly - drives the entire exhibition.

Different expressions of a single "way" can be found in Claudia Ponzi's video installation Troppo vicino, two monitors show the private gestures of the embrace the artist chooses to share with her loved ones and, in turn, they share it with others, in a sort of infinite circularity.

Alongside the video installation, Ponzi presents a series of photographs through which she probes the depth of human bonds. In Animal Tombs, for example, the artist portrays several people near the place where the pets that were part of their existence are buried.

The sentiment of affection also unfolds in Barbara Boiocchi's Untitled. The photographs indicate a gesture that is only seemingly futile, the indentations of several trees are adorned, concealed and even protected by the insertion of gems.

The last work on show is a video with the story of Adrian, a Romanian who has lived and worked for years on a small farm in the Sicilian town of Siracusa. The video Ti aspetto qui recounts his passion for carrier pigeons: The leading figure, cloaked in silence and in the sole company of his natural surroundings, impatiently awaits their return. And, literally, it is the leap of Adrian's heart upon the birds' arrival that shatters the peaceful atmosphere, mixed with his frenzy.

In the works on show, Boiocchi and Ponzi reflect on individual experiences and what they can generate: the relationship with nature is irrational at times, but then is controlled by individual events that have to do with our human everyday life. Instead, it is silence that regulates the emotions and punctuates the time of actions and relations in all their natural complexity.

Barbara Boiocchi was born in Angera (Varese) in 1980. She lives in Bergamo, where she is attending the Accademia Carrara.

Claudia Ponzi was born in Padua in 1988. She lives in Milan, where she attends the Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti (NABA).

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