Sponsored by The Sir James Dunn Foundation More than 370 species of birds have been recorded in New Brunswick and more than 200 of these are known to breed here. Whether you are simply a backyard birder, or a die-hard prepared to risk frozen toes, opportunities for bird watching abound in the province.

This gallery is currently under development. Still the 116 species displayed here give an indication of the range of species present and the habitats occupied. Most of the mounted birds exhibited were prepared by amateur ornithologists active in New Brunswick at the end of the last century. Hence, they vary greatly in quality.

The New Brunswick Museum maintains the largest research collection of bird specimens in the Maritimes (about 10,000 skins, skeletons, eggs and nests) and New Brunswick Museum scientists have contributed significantly to the study of the bird like of the province. The bird research collection is housed at Douglas Avenue (Saint John) and is available by appointment for consultation by professional ornithologists, students, and the general public.