The original house with a tannery on the ground floor was built in 1860 in Gabrovo, to the north of Baev Bridge. The ground floor is one whole room, used as a leather-worker's workshop.

The dwelling is situated on the upper floor. It consists of two rooms - a kitchen and a sleeping room, and a spacious verandah, used for drying the leathers. The entrance goes through the workshop and by a wooden staircase one can reach the 2nd floor. To the façade, a wooden colonnade and an open parapet encircle the verandah. A home of a master leather-worker is displayed in the premises.

Because of the fact, that one half of the living floor is occupied by an open verandah, where part of production process goes, the master's home is smaller and the furnishings-poorer in comparison to the other craftsmen's houses. The architectural design and the inner decoration here is characteristic of the traditional Balkan house of that period.