Spinning World (世界を紡ぐ) is a multi-sensory project incorporating textiles, electronics and graphene. MAAS Research Fellows Dr Agnieszka Golda and Dr Jo Law investigated historical Japanese textiles from the Museum’s collection and have created a new artwork that explores the relationship between art, emerging technologies and ecology.

The installation makes use of traditional Japanese metallic-thread embroidery techniques to incorporate new materials developed at the ARC Centre of Excellence for Electromaterials Science, such as graphene and intelligent polymer, to embed micro-electronic circuitry into the fabric. These elements will enable programmable sound, lights and movement that respond to visitors’ presence via sensors in the space.

This project takes you behind the scenes of the MAAS collection, into the artists’ studios and invites you to experience the exchange between the artists, scientists and the Museum. Visitors can explore the artists’ early prototypes, textile samples, investigations into conductive materials and their online visual diary.