Rekha Rodwittiya’s solo exhibition at Sakshi Gallery, Mumbai , Rekha@Sixty: Transient Worlds of Belonging celebrates the artist’s 60th birthday through a new body of work that looks back on a physical and spiritual journey across six decades.

As one of the pioneering artists of her generation, the Baroda based artist’s work has served as an important voice for the feminist movement in India. Through her distinct and instantly identifiable imagery, Rekha’s works explore ideas of womanhood and questions patriarchal systems. Along with an impressive sixty piece series of paperworks, the show will also have a series of hitherto unseen multimedia works.

Whilst celebrating a personal milestone for Rekha, the exhibition is also a testament to the nurturing and enduring relationship between the gallery and artist. Having had a solo exhibition at the gallery to celebrate her 50th birthday, this show fell into place as yet another landmark to celebrate the artist’s prolific career.

The exhibition looks back on another decade through a new body of work that invites the viewer into the world of Rekha’s unique imagery that stems from her responses to everyday events around her as well as her politically astute reading of world-events. Like much of Rekha’s past work,these works carry her authentic experience of life where the personal and the political are intricately intertwined to create richly layered stories and allegorical images.

Images from everyday life that inhabit my work are always subtexts that act as indicators to reveal the territory of more detailed enquiries. The objects I use establish my relationship with the world at large, and in particular. They are often possessions that I own, from which I extract metaphors and formulate a personalized symbology .

(Rekha Rodwittiya)