For the first exhibition, Hollis Taggart will present a focused introduction to its contemporary roster, featuring recent works by five artists. Titled, "Five at Nine," the show will include Uruguayan artist Pablo Atchugarry, whose intricate pleating technique gives a sense of lightness and fragility to his marble sculptures; Philadelphia-based painter Alex Kanevsky, whose layered, gestural approach gives his compositions a dream-like quality, as though suspended between reality and memory; British painter Chloë Lamb, whose abstract works are marked by her experimentation and play with the density of oil paint and its effects on the canvas; Chinese artist Li Lihong, whose porcelain sculptures mimic the shapes of recognizable brand logos, marrying traditional Chinese aesthetics with contemporary iconography; and Philadelphia-based artist Bill Scott, whose multi-layered compositions capture the emotion of being in nature, an idealized view into a garden that is built from human experience. The exhibition will remain on view through October 3.

“There’s been a lot of discussion recently about the future of galleries, both generally and as it relates to investment in Chelsea. For me, this feels like fertile ground for experimentation and also a moment to take some risk. We’ve been expanding our contemporary program over the last several years and it remains an area of continued interest for the gallery, especially as a continuum to our focus and expertise in Post-War American art. The new location at the High Line gives us more opportunity and flexibility to grow in this area,” said Hollis Taggart. “At the same time, we are interested to test the response from our existing clientele and from prospective new audiences. We’ll be looking at foot traffic, of course, but also more qualitative response about the location, the space, and the presentations.”

Exhibitions at Hollis Taggart’s High Line Nine location will rotate approximately every two weeks, with more information about the fall season to be announced next month. Additional weekly programming aimed at collectors and the public is currently being developed by High Line Nine leadership.