In autumn 2018, the Nordic Watercolour Museum presents a comprehensive solo exhibition by Maria Nordin. The core of the exhibition will be the artist’s latest large-format watercolours and animated short films. These pieces are being shown for the first time. The presentation also includes a rich selection of older paintings and animations, which are both on loan and taken from the Nordic Watercolour Museum’s own collection.

​The rich flow of watercolours is truly Maria Nordin’s element. She prefers working in large format, with flowing paints and distinctly applied nuances. The most familiar pieces are brash depictions of human figures with vividly pink skin tones, while the background tends to be scaled down. It is as if the bodies had been tossed into empty space and are captured mid-movement.

Her portraiture is often strikingly trimmed down. Nordin’s pictures encompass both fragility and decisiveness, both precision and freedom. Pleasant and unpleasant qualities are found in equal measure in distinctive imagery that tends towards mysticism, and where the body becomes an emotional landscape.